Frequently asked questions

A. Our warehouse is located in Wairau Valley. More detailed instructions will be provided prior to the arranged collection / delivery date. Customers are required to collect their item[s] on a Friday between 09:00am – 05:00pm and return their item[s] on the following Monday between 09:00am – 05:00pm, unless alternative arrangements are made between the customer and Luxe Dream Event Hire. Extra day hire will incur a $25 charge.

A. All products are hired out on a 3 day hire basis, Friday to Monday, unless alternative arrangements are made. If the customer wishes to extend the number of rental days past these 3 days, the customer will be charged $25.00 per additional day. If a public holiday should fall on a collection or drop off day, arrangements will be made and you will be notified of the day changed.

A. Customers are asked to provide a minimum bond of $100.00 NZ. The bond price may vary depending on the item or quantity of items the customer wishes to hire. The bond price will be outlined on each individual invoice. The bond will be returned within three working days to a nominated bank account given the item[s] have been returned and inspected to ensure that there are no damages. If there are, customer service will be in touch.

A. Customers are required to provide a deposit to secure their item[s], which is calculated at 50% per rented item, which is inclusive of GST. The deposit due date is provided on the individual customer invoice. On payment of the deposit, Luxe Dream Event Hire will keep an item available for the customer for their specified event date.

A. We accept bank deposit and now have the ability to do payments over the phone.

A. If you wish to cancel your order, please inform us of your cancellation. If you inform us of your cancellation between one to four week before your event, a 25% refund of your deposit will be given. If you inform us within four weeks or more before your event, a 50% refund of your deposit will be given. Cancellations informed within one week before the event will have no refund of deposit. More details are in the rental agreement. No exceptions.

A. There is no charge to the customer for changing the date of their event, on the basis that Luxe Dreams have the item[s] available on the new date. Luxe Dream must be informed 3 days prior to the collection/delivery date if the customer wishes to change their collection/delivery date. Customers may change the date of their event up to three times.

A. You sure can! The prices include both delivery and collection from your event location. We have different rates depending on you event address, they are the following; North Auckland $120+GST Central Auckland $150+GST (extra charges may occur depending on the accessibility) West Auckland $150+GST East Auckland $180+GST South Auckland $200+GST If wanting an after hour delivery or pick up before 8am or after 6pm there is an additional cost of $50+GST, otherwise pick up the following morning has no extra cost.

A. Yes, all products for hire needs to be cleaned by the customer after use before being returned. Luxe Dream Event Hire charges a 25% fee of the total hire cost if rental products are not clean when returned.

A. Yes, If the customer wishes to extend the number of rental days past 3 days, the customer will be charged $25.00 per additional day.

A. Yes, we can work with any event planning company alongside our own. Send us an email for more details.

A. Of course you can! However we have a small team and can be offsite during the week. Appointments must be made to have a viewing.