About Us
Good things always bring happiness to people.
Luxe Dream Event Hire is dedicated in brining exquisite decorations and elaborate designs that will make a monumental differece from what may otherwise seem ordinary.
From birthday parties to bachelor & bachelorette parties and even weekend parties, the distance between people is getting closer and closer in a perfectly arranged atmosphere. Even the occasional DIY will make things different and fun.

Life should be spent on good things. We want to be there and go through the good times in life with you. We founded Luxe Dream Event Hire as a local New Zealand business, for wedding companies, wedding halls, studios, planners and the photographer, as an one-stop shop props rental service.
We want to build an event props warehouse, where customers can select the most exquisite props of quality and taste, for every gorgeous presentation.

We have professional design consultants who specialises in event design plans.
Helping you choose and match all kinds of props and create a beautiful atmosphere for your event.

Our service has interactive booking, online management, and delivery to your event location.
We will always be committed to being the creator of your most beautiful moments, adding to your perfect and exquisite life, awakening your vision and expectation, and rejuvenating the unprecedented power.